The non-profit organization Sheepdog was founded in 2018 as a multidisciplinary club with different themes such as:

  • Shooting
  • Airsoft
  • Martial arts
  • Swimming
  • All kinds of workshops such as:
        • On-line security
        • Outdoor skills
          ( fire/shelter making for all ages)
        • Material choices
        • Start to sport
        • Start to eat right
        • Financial course
        • Home security

We have started to develop the shooting club within Sheepdog and will gradually start up the other disciplines depending on the demand and the infrastructure.

Because Sheepdog is more than a shooting club !

What makes our shooting club different ?

We have put great emphasis on good coaching and pedagogy.
We really teach at all levels.


“A master is he who masters the basics”

And to keep our shooting dynamic, our slogan is: “shoot fast and accurate”.

The two main disciplines are:
– Precision shooting
– Parcours shooting


Parcours shooting is dynamic shooting where you have to move and shoot at different targets under time pressure (paper, steel, moving, etc…).



Access to all ranges except SPORT SHOOTING

175 EUR / YEAR

-25 EUR: 2nd registration (same résidence)
  • Access CTA range (Anderlecht)
  • Access SCB range (Woluwé)
  • Access SPORT SHOOTING Course
  • Borrowing weapons (conditions apply)
  • Support from Sheepdog trainer
  • Sport Shooter License (SSL)


Only for SHEEPDOG members

100 EUR

Then 25 EUR/year (SSL insurance)
  • Access CTA range (Anderlecht)
  • Access SCB range (Woluwé)
  • Access SPORT SHOOTING Course
  • Borrowing weapons (conditions apply)
  • Support from Sheepdog trainer
  • Sport Shooter License (SSL)


Access all ranges + SPORT SHOOTING courses

275 EUR

Then 200 EUR/year (175+25 SSL insurance)
  • Access CTA range (Anderlecht)
  • Access SCB range (Woluwé)
  • Access SPORT SHOOTING Course
  • Borrowing weapons (conditions apply)
  • Support from Sheepdog trainer
  • Sport Shooter License (SSL)

Ok let's go, I'll sign up !


sheepdog Trainers


SHEEPDOG - Precision Shooting

Precision shooting at CT ANDERLECHT

Every Thursday from 7 to 10 pm



SHEEPDOG - Sport Shooting

Parcours shooting at SHOOTING CLUB BRUSSELS

Two Sundays a month from 1pm to 4pm





To start with

Here are some of the details of how our club works and what it can do:

The annual fee is 175 Euros, which gives you access to our two shooting ranges that we rent for the moment, that is to say to the two “divisions” of our shooting club.

The first division is

A classic range, the CTA located rue des Lapins in Anderlecht where you can practice shooting with a handgun of classic caliber (9mm, .45 ACP, 357 magnum, etc. …) or pistol and rifle in .22lr

The range is open every Thursday from 7pm to 10pm in free access and we are present.

Attention new shooters without any experience are obliged to come and practice shooting during some sessions with us.

It is obvious that the club is not open 24 hours a day but we offer you instructors who can help you and correct you at your request.

The second division

This is the PRACTICAL SHOOTING part where you learn the different techniques and handling of a handgun while carrying the weapon in a holster with several magazines, etc…..

These group or individual sessions, which are true shooting sports classes, take place 2x a month on a Sunday (date mentioned on the website) from 1pm to 4pm.

Three hours and minimum 150 rounds….. during which you learn all skills to use a handgun efficiently for the purpose of practicing this sport, this goes from grip, draw, magazine change, shooting on multiple targets, etc, etc……

In other words, you learn to shoot fast AND accurate

Please note that these courses are only based on shooting sports, no military or police techniques/tactics are learned.

The SHOOTING SPORTS courses take place at the Shooting Club Brussels in 1150 Woluwé-Saint-Pierre and are paying, 25 Euros for the 3h (ammunition not included of course), at this price you will understand that these courses are only admitted to SHEEPDOG members, however you can always try before registering for the sum of 50 Euros.

After this Sunday session, the range is reserved from 4pm to 5pm (free of charge) for members who want to shoot with long guns or other more powerful guns or the caliber can not be used rue des Lapins, e.g. a .308 or .223 rifle, etc…..

To practice Sport Shooting

It is MANDATORY to be in ownership of a Sport Shooter’s License (SSL) from one of the approved federations in Belgium, so not necessarily with us, but it is a legal obligation.

However, if you do not yet have an SSL, we will take care of the administrative procedures for you at the VSK (Vlaamse SchietsportKoepel). It is a request of the federations that the shooting clubs take care of the administrative procedures.

For the first year, a one-time payment of 100 Euros is required to obtain a provisional SSL for 12 months, which covers the insurance and registration fees at the VSK.

The SSL is classified into 5 categories

(A: Revolver – B: Pistol – C: Smoothbore long gun – D: Rifled long gun – E: Black powder gun), you can ask for all of them, the price does not change.


One advantage with VSK is that if you have a MODEL 4 for a weapon of the requested category, you can have provisional SSL permanently converted without an additional exam.

Provided the usual paperwork, which we can certainly give you a hand with.

The great advantage of an SSL is that you are not required to carry a weapon, you can borrow a weapon that corresponds to one of your categories (provisional SSL or definitive).

This allows you to immediately begin practicing shooting without having to wait for the long administrative steps involved in purchasing a firearm

Also convenient to test a few different models without having to purchase one each time.

SSL (sport shooter's licence) with VSK

To convert your provisional SSL to a final SSL, you must :

  • Complete the VSK VL2 form
  • Provide a medical certificate form VL3
  • Provide a passport photo
  • Pprovide an excerpt from the criminal records in accordance with Art 596.1-5 weapons
  • Be a member of VSK for at least 6 months.
  • At least 12 attendances (stamps) spread over 2 semesters
  • Have a model 4 of the firearms category or take an internal exam at VSK.


We compile your file and arrange everything with VSK for you.


You can always find more information on the VSK website:
VSK — Vlaamse Schietsportkoepel (

Are you confident ?

So don’t hesitate and click on the button below to see the offers proposed by SHEEPDOG BELGIUM.


Simon has been an operational police officer since 1994.

He has a passion for unlocking the potential in his self-defense students. Wether it be police, military, security or private citizen’s.


He has worked assignments such as patrol, motorcycle officer, in-service instructor ( self-defense/tactics/shooting ), pro active SWAT, narcotics detective, close protection officer, bicyle officer and currently assistant Director of training in the Brussels South Police Department.

In his youth he was selected 3 x  on the national rowing team for Belgium in 2-, 4+ and 8+.

He tries to stay active despite the injuries of life.

He has trained in English boxing, Thai boxing, Jeet Kune Do, Wing Tsun, Aïkido, Shooto, Kali/Escrima and various self defense systems.


He has thaught worldwide as a trainer for ASP ( baton, pepperspray, lights and handcuffs), Safariland Def Tech (Less lethal options), Safariland Protech (ballistic shield), CTS  less lethal options), Simunition ( Force-on-force ), Red Man (force-on-force), Wallbanger  dynamic entry).

He speaks Flemish, French, English, Danish and some German.

He is married to Maaike and the proud father of two sons: Thor and Erik.

He is the President of Sheepdog.

Koen has a past as a lifeguard and swimming instructor.
He still gives swimming lessons in a side job.
In 2012 he became a member of the Federal Police.

He started working at the National Police School in Brussels to take care of the administration and logistics for the department of violence control and sports.

That’s where the passion for the shooting sports started and got the first initiations into the world of gun making. In 2017, he moved to the Local Police Zone Brussels South.

Here, he is responsible for the organization and planning of police training, searching for new trainers, managing the logistics, repairing, distributing and maintaining weapons.

He has the insight to quickly detect errors in novice shooters in order to bring them to a high level at a fast pace.

This both in the field of precision shooting and course shooting. Gun upgrades, helping you with material choices and more than anything else he has mastered gun legislation thanks to his administrative functions and can help with all the paperwork from buying a gun to sports marksman’s license.

Koen has also been taking part in national and international track shooting competitions (IPSC) for several years now.
This is a dynamic shooting discipline that needs speed and precision. This sport can be extensively trained through private lessons or group lessons at the club.

Koen himself shoots in the IPSC discipline – production optics, meaning with a standard pistol but with an optical sight type reddot. In his case the GLOCK 17 gen 5 MOS with the reddot SHIELD RMSw (4 moa).
Besides pistol he also shoots discipline IPSC – PCC (pistol carabine caliber) in other words a rifle with pistol ammunition. For this he uses the JP-Enterprises GMR-15 and as an optical sight an aimpoint T2 (2 moa).

He currently gives courses such as : Gun shooting, rifle shooting, pump action shooting and of course swimming lessons for both young and old.

He speaks Flemish, French and English.
He is a board member of Sheepdog.

Alex has been a police officer for 20 years, he’s been a police officer since 2000.

He started quite naturally with the police first responser service (101 in Belgium) and then in 2004 he joined the SWAT team callled BAC (Anti-Crime Brigade).

At the BAC, he was in charge, with his colleagues, of searching proactively for crime in progress, finding escaped prisoners as well as people wanted by the justice system (warrant), transferring dangerous prisoners and helping the spotter cell which has to collect information during so-called risky football matches, as well as assisting the colleagues of the first responder service in case of riskier interventions. They also assisted the detectives for High risk warrants.

In 2014, he became a shooting instructor for the police, which is logical given that this was his passion even before he joined the police department.

Since 2017, he has been a full time Shooting Instructor/Trainer at the training unit of his police department where he passionately passes on all his knowledge/experience to other police officers.

He is one of the three founders of Sheepdog Belgium.

Precision Shooting




ouvert tous les jeudis

open elke donderdag

open every Thursday

Le Team Sheepdog est présent un jeudi sur deux pour vous aider à vous perfectionner.

Team Sheepdog is om de donderdag aanwezig om je te helpen je vaardigheden te verbeteren.

Team Sheepdog is present every other Thursday to help you improve your skills.

Parcours Shooting




ouvert deux dimanches par mois

twee zondagen per maand open.

open two Sundays a month

13:00 -16:00

L'accès au cours est reservé uniquement aux membres en ordre de licence de tireur sportif !

De les is enkel toegankelijk voor leden met een sportschutterslicentie !

The access to the course is restricted to members with a sport shooters license!